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Founder- Vorinda Guillory, MHA

Meet Vorinda.

Greetings Beautiful One,


My name is Vorinda Guillory and I am the founder and owner of The VEDA Organization. The VEDA Organization was created to have candid conversation about Vitiligo, Education, Discussion, and Awareness. I am a former military brat. Born in Germany, stationed at several bases, and finally planted roots in Fayetteville, North Carolina. The Carolinas have been my home state ever since.  When I am not advocating and assisting seniors with home care needs I enjoy spending my spare time the most with family and friends.


I am a lover of authentic creole cuisine, an avid traveler, and I enjoy creating memories with the people I love the most whether it is at a local jazz festival, winery, or museum. 


How does my life journey intertwine with Vitiligo you may ask? My journey begin in 2009 at twenty-seven years old when I discovered a light mark on my neck that begin to grow gradually. After visiting my local dermatologist I was diagnosed with Vitiligo. By the age of thirty Vitiligo made its grand appearance on the majority of my body. As I embarked on my journey I begin to notice how God begin to use me as vessel for others struggling with their path in life with Vitiligo. After many prayerful days and nights The VEDA Organization was birthed.


My mission is to assist individuals living with Vitiligo in accepting their self actualization while equipping them with tools for self esteem, self awareness, and walking gracefully in their purpose. 


After all..our beauty leaves a mark wherever we go.


With Love, Grace, and Commonality,


You are altogether beautiful, my love; there is no flaw in you.

Song of Solomon 4:7


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